Palestra Convidada: “Beamforming antennas for millimeter-wave 5G applications”, por Dra. Mehri Borhani

Palestra Convidada: “Beamforming antennas for millimeter-wave 5G applications”, por Dra. Mehri Borhani



O Capítulo Técnico Profissional IEEE APS Seção Nordeste Brasil* convida a participarem da última palestra de 2020:


Titulo: “Beamforming antennas for millimeter-wave 5G applications”


Palestrante: Dra. Mehri Borhani


Data e horário: 10 Dezembro, 14h (horário de Brasília)





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O link será enviado aos inscritos um dia antes, na quarta, dia 09 de dezembro.


*Este evento é organizado pelo Capítulo Técnico Profissional IEEE APS Seção Nordeste Brasil  em parceria com o IEEE WIE Seção Nordeste Brasil e o Capítulo Técnico estudantil APS UFCG.



Millimeter-wave frequency spectrum is a promising technology for emerging the fifth generation (5G) mobile communications, since it can offer transmission rates in the order of multi-gigabits per second and support a greater number of users, due to the large bandwidth. The commercial use of 5G is approaching to support increasing demands for low latency, high capacity and ubiquitous mobile access, which will play a key role in connecting and enabling services. Beamforming antennas as one of the smart antenna technologies, have recently received extensive attention for mm-wave wireless communications. These antennas can significantly improve the system coverage and reduce the rate of interference of communication systems by confining the radiated power towards the appropriate zone instead of transmitting the signal in all directions. Since, research in this field is becoming one of the most popular fields nowadays, in this webinar, the aim is to introduce various beamforming techniques with different configurations. It will be accompanied with reviewing recently achievements in these fields.



Mehri Borhani: She received her Ph.D. degree with Excellent grade from the Energy, Materials and Telecommunications Center, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, University of Quebec, Montreal, QC, Canada, in 2020 and M.Sc. degree with the First rank from Semnan University, Iran, in 2015, all in telecommunication engineering. Her current research interests include engineered electromagnetic materials (metamaterials/metasurfaces), adaptive/ reconfigurable antennas, RF/microwave circuits and devices. Dr. Borhani has authored or coauthored approximately 20 scientific journals and conference papers and served as a reviewer for the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society’s journals and magazine.


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